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The well-established Law Offices of Thomas N. Jacobson in Riverside California and Park City, Utah, has achieved superior results for individuals and business owners in practice areas involving real estate and business transactions. Our founder, Thomas N. Jacobson, Esq., has had an excellent reputation in the Riverside legal community for over 40 years and has been a Utah lawyer for many years

Riverside And Park City Real Estate:

Attorney Thomas N. Jacobson has a firm grasp of the real estate and business issues affecting the residents and corporate owners in Riverside and Park City. The firm has represented brokers, landowners, homeowners, lenders, and real estate trade associations in connection with the full scope of real estate transactional and entitlement issues for residential and commercial property, including, but not limited to:
  • purchases and sales
  • mergers and consolidations of trade associations
  • contracts
  • development
  • acquisitions
  • joint ventures
  • title examination and insurance
  • condominium law, including conversions and development
  • workouts
  • easements and right-of-way
  • conveyancing
In his more than forty years of practicing law, Mr. Jacobson has taken over one hundred cases to trial. In real estate litigation matters he has traditionally represented commercial and residential landlords, brokers and property owners in connection with:
  • landlord/tenant disputes
  • boundary disputes
  • breach of contract disputes
  • quiet title actions
  • brokers and agents liability
  • brokers malpractice
  • land use disputes
  • fraud
  • Homeowners association law
  • Employment issues
For current developments in real estate transactional, litigation, and real estate trade association law, please see this website’s collection of relevant articles written by Mr. Jacobson.

Environmental Contamination

In Riverside And Park City: Real estate and the environment go hand in hand. Oftentimes a real estate transaction may be running smoothly and suddenly an issue crops up such as a leaky oil tank, asbestos remediation, zoning matters, or land and title disputes. While the primary focus of our environmental work is defense, our law firm has also represented entities in plaintiff’s lawsuits. Riverside and Park City lawyer Thomas N. Jacobson has experienced many types of environmental contamination matters during his 35 years in practice. The firm’s representation includes:
  • Asbestos
  • Disputes involving endangered species
  • Foreclosure issues
  • Military contamination allegations
  • Sign ordinances
  • Tax issues
  • Underground storage tanks
  • Zoning

Riverside And Park City Business Formation:

When you start a business there are long-lasting tax and liability ramifications for your company or organization. We advise clients regarding the appropriate choice of entity for their new business endeavor, and assist clients in forming:
  • Corporations
  • Limited liability companies
  • General partnerships
  • Limited partnership
  • Limited liability partnerships

Riverside And Park City Antitrust:

Antitrust laws are designed to prevent monopolies and anti-competitive or unfair business practices that can harm consumers and Riverside businesses. The Law Offices of Thomas N. Jacobson has a team of strong antitrust litigators on staff, and our results have been quite successful.

Consequences Of Antitrust Practices Can Include

  • Inferior product quality
  • Price fixing
  • Decrease in production
  • Deceleration in the process of technological development

The Law Offices of Thomas N. Jacobson in Riverside and Park City understands every facet of California and Utah real estate law, environment contamination issues, and business and antitrust laws that affect business owners in our area. If you have a real estate or business matter that is of concern to you, call us at 951-682-7882 or 435-615-9911, or submit our quick contact web form explaining your situation.

Our founder, Tom Jacobson, has been focusing on real estate and business issues for almost his entire carrier, and has been recognized on many levels for his expertise and dedication to his clients.



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